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DC science writing tweet up with George Johnson

George Johnson surveys the landscape at the Bandolier National Monument

George Johnson surveys the landscape at the Bandolier National Monument

It’s hard to find a science book that makes me laugh and cry.

George Johnson’s Cancer Chronicles is one of those.

I first met George two years ago at his Science Writing workshop. Only a few months before I had left a lab where I was doing postdoctoral work to start a new career writing. I had no idea what I was doing. (I still don’t, except now I have a few venues to practice.)

Back then, George shared with me his newest manuscript format, still a bunch of chapters in a Google Docs folder. He had asked me to review the science bits and make sure all technicalities looked ok. I was not prepared for that task though: I didn’t expect to have to move through tears as I absorbed the personal story permeating the book.

George was the first to guide me and someone I can truly call a mentor. He will be visiting DC Friday Oct 11th and I’m thrilled to see him again and also hang out with some great DC scientists and science writers.

We’ll meet at Saint Arnold’s Mussels, Cleveland Park location at 6pm.

The restaurant/bar is on the sidewalk, on the corner between Connecticut Ave & Ordway St, across the street from the Cleveland Park metro station. (Please ignore your GPS instructions and go straight to this intersection: you will see the covered sidewalk right away.) Whoever gets there before 7pm gets the special price of $10 per (huge) bucket of mussels. Please RSVP via twitter (@russo_cristina) so I can update the headcount at the restaurant. Some of you already did 🙂

Bring your appetite. And your science stories.