Sharks, spiders, and games

In the past few weeks I’ve been busy making spiders fight sharks in a videogame. I wish. But here are my latest contributions to PLOS Sci-ed:

cristina megalodon

The author faces a Megalodon

Shark Week and Megalodon: In the good old days we could joke about the Loch Ness monster or the Sasquatch. Now we have to pick our channels carefully so we don’t get a “science” lesson about a mermaid or Bigfoot… Discovery Channel gave us a “marine biology” lesson and told us paleontologists are wrong: the Megalodon, a 50-foot long extinct prehistoric shark, is still alive and eating people. Read More.

Minecrafting the Classroom: Minecraft, a Lego-style, pixelated block-building game gives players unlimited freedom to create, and its being used in environmental science classes. Perhaps this is the closest way kids can live science: by experiencing environmental destruction, safely, inside a game scenario. Read more.


Nefertiti on her space habitat. Photo by NASA.

Spidernauts: Dan Babbit keeps a frozen spider on his fridge. The spider in question is celebrity arachnid Nefertiti, who went to space and back. Read more.

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