Sci- Halloween Part Deux

I’ve already given a few Halloween costume ideas for the science aficionados, but here’s a few more!

Dress like a Hubble photograph (by Christopher Kane):

Turn your kids into Stegosaurs (Pip and Bean):

Find where the wild things are with a Max outfit (Etsy):

Turn into this dubious Optimus Prime – Supergirl and Captain America had to loan pieces of their costumes – from Amazon: (I am actually embarrassed to post this)

But not too embarrassed to post this:

Ring a bell?

But if you can’t make a trip to the costume shop, or prefer the DIY route, Harrison Krix of Volpin Props has a detailed how-to Big Daddy (of Bioshock), inspired by this:

and following this scheme…

plus 247.8 easy steps (seriously, click on the link, it is unbelievable), and voila:

Easy as pumpkin pie! Happy Halloween!


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